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Raww™ Disposable Dental Aprons


Raww™ Disposable Dental Aprons


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Raww™ Disposable Dental Aprons are disposable reeled dental bibs to protect the patient.Produced in a two-layered process: the front layer is made of highly absorbing premium cellulose, while the back is made of hydrophobic polyethylene foil.This makes our aprons ideal for use in dentistry: water or saliva get readily absorbed, while the patients stay dry.

Configuration overview

Type:  Non-Sterile and  Latex free


  • The special features of the materials offer high absorbency and waterproofing, so to assure a high comfort to the patient
  • Pre-cut to allow a perfect tear

Technical specifications

1 ply of pure wadding of long fiber cellulose (TISSUE) partially laminated with a second ply of high density

Additional information


Blue, Burgundy, Fresh Green, Fuschia, Green, Lilac, Magic Blue, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

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