We are currently out of stock on all products and we are working hard to get new ones as soon as possible. New bookings can be placed by contacting your sales associates or by email. At the moment we estimate to have a limited amount of masks available in April and a large amount of masks and filters available in June. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The RAWW™ story

How we started?

Rawwbots is a 2016 medical start up initiative by Delaware based Conzurge in the field of medical personal protective equipment (PPE).

Having identified the need for reliable protection equipment in the medical sector, Rawwbots was formulated to supply fit-for-purpose surgical protective equipment. The first Rawwbots factory was set up in Bangalore, India in 2016. While,we have expanded our capabilities and product range to integrate the requirements in clinical supply , our  leading position drives us to maintain our superiority.

We believe in People

The main focus of our activities is therefore on the people. We offer them outstanding products, system solutions and services. In this spirit, our brand promise “your safety” stands for maximum security at work environment. We strive to continuously expand our competencies to improve our operational functions by investing in product portfolio and human capital. Our stylish and dependable products are geared towards complete customer satisfaction and building beneficial long-term relationships with all of our clients. 

We are Global.

Our international base of clients includes Ministries of Health and other government departments, multilateral and NGO organisations, public and private sector operator and distributors, and design and construction engineering companies. Testimonials may be obtained from any of our international clients.

Our Future

Rawwbots is bound to distinguish itself as a leader in redefining the provision of high quality surgical disposables and medical wearables, and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing unsurpassed levels of service to its clients worldwide

Dreamers. Makers. Smoggers.
Meet the Team


Jees Raj

CEO @ Rawwbots .Founder of wire stork,Parentzy and Viralify. Design freak.He lives on the fulcrum of  design and sustainability to create feature rich products.


Sherry Philip

Chief of Engineering @ Rawwbots. Devoted communicator. Evil problem solver. Coffee advocate. Unapologetic Bike fanatic. Learner.

material Design

Sophia Manuel

Admirable experience in the field of Material Science. Explorer. Communicator. Analyst. Food fan. Coffee lover.

Public relations and brand management

Mishel Fox

PR manager @ Rawwbots. Making at the sweet spot between simplicity and elegance to curate compelling brand stories. Prefers clear logic to decoration.

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