We are currently out of stock on all products and we are working hard to get new ones as soon as possible. New bookings can be placed by contacting your sales associates or by email. At the moment we estimate to have a limited amount of masks available in April and a large amount of masks and filters available in June. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Raww™ Disposable Protection Gear for Modern Medical Practitioners.

Raw.Reliable. High Quality. Just like every doctor wants them to be.

Surgical Face Masks

Our Raww™ series of surgical disposable face masks have a Filtration efficiency of ≥ 98% and are EN14683 type II R compliant. These disposable face masks are specified for medical use with a good performance of anti micro-dust, anti-spray and anti-virus.

Raww™ protected for bacterial filtration.

High performance of BFE,PFE and ΔP.

Soft in touch. Strong in Grip.

Cuff strengthened by a rolled cuff with easy donning and removal.

Examination Gloves

The softest disposable gloves you will find. Its silky smooth surface makes long wearing periods a breeze.Our series of Raww™ Surgical disposable gloves have excellent tactile sensibility with Micro textured fingertips. 

Sterilization Sheets

Manufactured from super special crepe-structured paper.these sheets are guaranteed not to permit any humidity to pass through!

Disposable Bouffant Caps

Manufactured from strong, lightweight, and breathable fabric

Dental Aprons

Our surgical aprons are ideal for use in dentistry: water or saliva get readily absorbed, while the patients stay dry.

Tissue Napkins

Raww™ | SOFT series of  tissue napkins are strongly absorbent and  environment friendly. Comes in hygienic packaging.

Redefining ethics in surgical disposable industry.

High Quality. Fair Prices.

Independently owned, Rawwbots was formed in 2016 to create a brand of surgical disposables that utilized the experience and expertise of many of the craftsmen within the surgical arena. Traditional manufacturing skills are combined with modern manufacturing processes resulting in quality surgical disposable products that meet and exceed customer expectation. Since its inception the Company have continued to expand its promoted range. Our market coverage has also expanded and now provides a direct sales operation covering the UK market and a global network of distribution partners and agents worldwide.

The Raww™ Difference

At Rawwbots, Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. 

Our Service is personalized.

Our Rawwbots Customer Service Area treats the needs of our clients in a personalized way.

Our Protection is trustworthy.

At Rawwbots, we take safety seriously and are committed to providing the highest quality personal protective equipment.

We are Innovators and Disruptors.

With expertise and experience that is unparalleled, Rawwbots is recognized as a market leader. We supply all over the world.

Quality is our Priority.

Manufactured to a strict quality policy, our carefully developed line of safety equipment is tried and tested

Industry leaders trust us well.

Rawwbots has many years of experience within both the manufacturing and service sides of the surgical consumables industry. This has given us valuable insight into the unique levels of service and care demanded by our customers, and as a result, our flexibility and ability to adapt to an individual’s needs have earned us the confidence of our clients worldwide.

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